Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Hello Fred Wahl, We like to thank you for all your hard work.

We are very so thankful for your help for your guidance and to help us get United it’s been a long journey we faced many tests trials and tribulations it was a very big storm that we thought that would never . It felt Like a Hurricane that blasted through then a blizzard then another hurricane at times we felt so lost we hung in there and in the end you were there to help us we are thankful that we found Visa coach

if anybody is needing help would love to send them to you Fred Wahl. We may have never met but your word is good you loyal and faithful to your work you don’t just see your clients or people as money you help Zoom you never give up on them no matter how tough the situation is.

God bless you and your family we give you many thanks to Visa coach. Again thank you for reuniting United me with my wife and son.

Andrew + Beatrice (Spouse Visa from Zambia)

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USCIS immigration processing delays: “Trump effect”

#VisaCoach Video on USCIS immigration processing delays: “Trump effect” gen89

Why is my case taking so long? Starting in 2017 and continuing through 2018, after Executive order by President Trump USCIS is conducting vigorous enforcement and extreme vetting of all cases. Increased workload, but without corresponding staff increases has caused extensive backlogs. At VisaCoach we call this the ‘Trump Effect’

Fiance visa, spouse visa and adjustment of status applications all
first go through USCIS. last year about this time USCIS was
performing very quickly to accomplish their initial processing
of cases. In general fiance and spouse visa cases consistently
zoomed through the USCIS review in roughly two to three months.
Green cards sometimes took 7 to 9 months and often the
Green Card interviews (especially front loaded VisaCoach applications)
were waived.

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2018 Fiance Visa processing Timeline

#VisaCoach Video on K1 Visa Processing Timeline 2018 k108

How long does it take to get a K1 Fiance visa? In 2018 most cases typically take 7 to 9 months on average from the time USCIS receives the I-129F fiance visa application until the K-1 visa is embossed onto the foreign fianceeā€™s passport.

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2018 CR1 IR1 Spouse Visa costs + fees

#VisaCoach Video on 2018 Spouse Visa Fees CR1 or IR1 Faq #6

The costs for a CR-1 or IR-1 spouse visa, spread out during the year of processing, $535 filing fee to USCIS, $ 365 visa fee + $120 affidavit of support fee paid to NVC, $300 medical exam, and finally $220 USCIS immigrant fee, total about $1,500.

The fees for a spouse visa (either CR1 or IR1), spread out during
the year of processing, paid to USCIS, NVC, medical exam, and
finally USCIS again are about $1,500. These are broken down as follows.

When you send in your CR1 Visa application to Homeland Security,
you include payment of $535.

Then about 8 – 10 months later, after the case is at the National Visa Center
you pay two separate fees.
First a $120 Affidavit of Support fee, then a $325 Visa Application Fee.

Prior to the interview your spouse must undergo a medical exam,
which will cost roughly $300.

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2018 K1 Fiance or CR1 Spouse Visa which is better?

#VisaCoach Video on #Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa, K1 vs CR1? Which is faster, easier, cheaper? k118

When bringing your partner to live with you in the United States, you have two choices and they both include marriage, either apply for a K1 Fiance Visa with plans to marry after arrival in the USA, or marry first then apply for CR1 Spouse Visa. Which is better depends on your priorities for speed, cost, and employment. The Fiance visa allows you to start your life together as sooner, about 7 months faster. The spouse allows you to save $1000 in fees, allows your fiance to have wedding in home country in front of family and friends, and provides authorization to work immediately on arrival to the USA.

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Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition

#VisaCoach Video on Front Loaded K-1 Fiance Visa Petition k105

The VisaCoach Front loaded K1 Fiancee Visa petition “Pays off” at the consular interview, often turning a 30 minute ordeal into a friendly 3 to 5 minute chat resulting in “Welcome to USA”. The consular officer always reviews the original application and case file before the interview starts. Our plan is to show him good quality, carefully selected evidences that give him many good reasons why he should have confidence he can safely approve the visa. By the time he is ready to invite your fiance to come to his desk he should already be mentally prepared to say “yes”.

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Fred and the Visa Coach team has helped us tremendously from start to finish in our journey!

I had read great reviews about Visa Coach and decided to contact Fred asap. Immediately!

Fred and his team went to work with a front loaded petition, which helped out a lot in the long run. Every question we had Visa Coach gladly provided an answer. We had a one obstacle during our process, fortunately Fred and his team had it resolved in no time.

Our visit to the US consulate was a breeze due to the great up front work from Visa Coach, that there were hardly any questions during the interview and my wife’s visa was approved.

I really appreciate all the effort and the hard work that has gone into our case that I highly recommend any one who wants a piece of mind during their spouse’s visa process.

Thank You Fred and the Visa Coach team.

Kenneth + Nallely (Spouse Visa from Mexico)

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