Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition

#VisaCoach Video on Front Loaded K-1 Fiance Visa Petition k105

The VisaCoach Front loaded K1 Fiancee Visa petition “Pays off” at the consular interview, often turning a 30 minute ordeal into a friendly 3 to 5 minute chat resulting in “Welcome to USA”. The consular officer always reviews the original application and case file before the interview starts. Our plan is to show him good quality, carefully selected evidences that give him many good reasons why he should have confidence he can safely approve the visa. By the time he is ready to invite your fiance to come to his desk he should already be mentally prepared to say “yes”.

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Fred and the Visa Coach team has helped us tremendously from start to finish in our journey!

I had read great reviews about Visa Coach and decided to contact Fred asap. Immediately!

Fred and his team went to work with a front loaded petition, which helped out a lot in the long run. Every question we had Visa Coach gladly provided an answer. We had a one obstacle during our process, fortunately Fred and his team had it resolved in no time.

Our visit to the US consulate was a breeze due to the great up front work from Visa Coach, that there were hardly any questions during the interview and my wife’s visa was approved.

I really appreciate all the effort and the hard work that has gone into our case that I highly recommend any one who wants a piece of mind during their spouse’s visa process.

Thank You Fred and the Visa Coach team.

Kenneth + Nallely (Spouse Visa from Mexico)

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Expediting Fiance or Spouse Visa Petitions for Military Personnel

#VisaCoach Video on Expediting Fiance or Spouse Visa Petitions for Military Personnel

Processing times for fiance and spouse visas and or adjustment of status can take quite a long time and sometimes it happens that the military Sponsor recieves orders for Deployment before the case is approved. This video describes how to push USCIS and the State Department to expedite your case so that your
fiance or spouse can enter the USA faster and your family could get settled in before your departure.

As we know the internet is timeless. Once something is posted
online it is there forever. So the exact date of posting is not
too important.

But I would like share with you that I am recording and publishing
this video just before Veterans Day.

I want to thank all of our Military men and women for their service.

Here at VisaCoach we greatly appreciate everything you do and the
sacrifices you make for us and for our nation.

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Hello Mr. Wahl,

My fiance and I are so very thankful that we chose VisaCoach to direct us through applying for our K1-visa. The entire experience was positive and we passed through the steps quickly because of their expert guidance. From the very first phone consultation to the time that my fiance bought his plane ticket, VisaCoach and his office staff supported us every step of the way. Everything was clearly structured and organized on our personal webpage. Detailed instructions for every application and needed document were thoroughly laid out. All of the answers to our questions were made available to us there –long before we even knew what our questions would be. Because our experience was so outstanding, we decided to hire their services again and we are proceeding forward with our wedding plans and application for change of status. Thank you Visacoach!

Elizabeth + Cristiam (Fiance + Green Card from Ecuador)

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5 Tips to K1 visa approval

#VisaCoach Video on 5 Tips to K1 visa approval k155

Based on VisaCoach’s long experience with the Fiance and spouse visa process to the USA, here are 5 surefire tips that lead To approval

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Visa Denial due to Social Media Data Mining

#VisaCoach Video on #Fiance Visa Denial due to Social Media Data Mining Gen88

USCIS recently hired contractors to research social media to provide additional data for the extreme vetting of Fiance, Spouse and other visa applicants. Expect one’s social media “skeletons” to lead to denial.

USCIS recently announced new contracts given to companies to search through social media to collect data on Fiance and other visa applicants.

Collection starts October 18. If you have any “suspect” exposure, you have only a few more days to take it down.

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#VisaCoach Video on 5 tips to Faster K1 visa Interview

#VisaCoach Video on 5 tips to Faster K1 visa Interview

The final steps of the K1 fiance visa process is a consular interview. Here are 5 tips to smoother and faster interview leading to K1 visa approval.

We are picking up at the end of the very end K1 fiance visa application process,
the consular interview.

Many months ago, a VisaCoach high quality “front loaded” application was submitted to Homeland Security, USCIS. They completed their review to confirm that all primary eligibility evidences were present and the FBI gave you a clean bill of health. The case was passed on to the Department of State’s, National Visa Center, NVC, and now finally your fiance is on the eve of her or his final interview that determines if the visa will be granted or denied.

The following are 5 tips I give VisaCoach clients to prepare them for a fast and friendly interview.

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