Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

I just got off the phone with Marjan and she wants to give you a big hug and a kiss when she sees you.


She said it took 45 minutes and they went over almost 90% of the sample questions you had given us. She was amazed by how spot on you were. She got a letter saying Congratulations on the conditional approval of your visa……..

She said they asked a lot of questions about age difference, my family and even tried to test her to see if I had told her about my incarceration. These people even read the chat messages that we printed as evidence of relationship and asked why you guys were talking about this and that. At the end, one of the two interviewers left and the other one whispered to Marjan “Be honest with me, why are you marrying him, is it for the Green Card?” She handled it well and was told to check your email in 2 days.

Thanks again,

​Hamid + Marjan (Fiancee from Iran)​

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2018 CR1 Spouse Visa processing time

As of 2018, the answer is 12 to 15 months on average. This is much slower than 2017. I call this the Trump Effect. President Trump after taking office in January 2017 has mandated that USCIS vigorously enforce and administer immigration laws, take no shortcuts. The goal is to restrict Legal immigration while stopping illegal immigration. The result is delays.

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Back in December 2015, I contacted Mr. Fred Wahl for some advice about myself going to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to meet my fiancé for marriage for the first time. After careful research online and pages of reviews and fees, I decided to become a client.

First off the fees were reasonable compared to the kind of services I was getting.

Secondly this man always answers the phone or email with any questions that I have. I would like to send a huge ‘Thank You” to His amazing secretary, every time I called, (which was a lot) she knew exactly who I was, and had correct answers for me. She is also knowledgeable on the Visa/Immigration process.

Mr. Wahl set up a private website with step by step instructions on how to get a spousal visa successfully.

I applied for a spousal visa for my wife to come to the U.S., and from start to finish, made me feel comfortable and confident about the whole Visa process. After a year, has passed my wife is now joining me in sunny Calif

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VisaCoach Front Loaded Spouse Visa Petition

The VisaCoach Front loaded CR1 Spouse Visa petition “Pays off” at the consular interview, often turning a 30 minute ordeal into a friendly 3 to 5 minute chat resulting in “Welcome to USA”. The consular officer always reviews the original application and case file before the interview starts. Our plan is to show him good quality, carefully selected evidences that give him many good reasons why he should have confidence he can safely approve the CR1 visa. By the time he is ready to invite your Spouse to come to his desk he should already be mentally prepared to say “yes”.

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2017 Costs for Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

#VisaCoach Video on 2017 Costs for Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

What are the Costs for Adjustment of Status after arriving to the USA on a K1 Visa?

A traveler on a Fiance Visa, enters the USA then has 90 days to marry her or his American Citizen sponsor.

The visa was only good for 90 days, And regardless of whether married or not, your new spouse
is officially required to leave the USA once the visa expires.


Unless your new spouse, with your sponsorship applies to “Adjust Status”
from being a temporary visitor, to a permanent resident.

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Top 13 Rules to get K1 Fiance Visa

Before deciding to apply for a K1 Visa to bring your fiance to the USA for marriage, you should know the following Thirteen rules to determine if you are eligible and if the Fiancee Visa is right for your situation.

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2017 K1 Fiancee Visa Costs

The fees and costs to obtain a K1 fiancee visa in 2017 include the USCIS filing fee of $535, a medical exam of about $300, plus a $265 visa application fee paid to the US consulate or embassy processing the case. Adjustment of status will cost a further $1225 of filing fees plus about $100 medical.

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