Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found the visa coach. When I first found the visa coach website, I was very skeptical. I had many questions throughout the process, and whenever I contacted the visa coach office via email or phone, someone always responded either immediately or within a few minutes. The visa coach and his staff are incredibly friendly and very helpful.

During the process, the visa coach made us our own website to keep our documents organized. This was very helpful. He could post comments to the documents instructing us on what needed to be completed. He would also compose documents for us.

The interview was less than five minutes. My wife and I made it through the K1 visa process! We are now happily married living in southern MD. We plan to hire the Visa Coach for the next step toward citizenship. The Green Card.


Jason + Agatha
(Fiance and Green Card from Brazil)

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K1 Fiance visa requirements 2017 k102

#VisaCoach Video on K1 Fiance visa requirements 2017 k102

To be eligible for a K1 visa in 2017, the petitioner and applicant must meet 15 major requirements, including being “free to marry”, having a “bone fide relationship”, intending to marry within 90 days of arrival, and the petitioner being a US citizen, and having Income or assets above the poverty level and so on. A detailed listing follows.

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Wanted to let you know how thankful Kristina and I are for all that you did so we could be together.

My advice to everyone is to have The Visa Coach help you from start to finish. After going through this process I would advise everyone not to try it alone.

Mr. Fred Wahl did an outstanding job and handled everything just as he told me he would and the process went smoothly with no problems.

Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you again.

Justin + Kristina (Fiance Visa + Green Card from Philippines)

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Video on How To Bring Fiancee to the USA in 2017

#VisaCoach Video on How To Bring Fiancee to the USA in 2017? gen41

Your foreign Fiancee needs permission from the US government to allow her or him to enter the USA for marriage to you, and to apply for permanent residency.. This is called a K1 Fiancee visa. You must demonstrate that you are eligible to apply, and that your true agenda is a genuine life together, not immigration fraud.

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

When I first started looking at the K1 process I felt pretty intimidated. There were a lot of forms and the petition and workflow seemed overwhelming. On top of that I was worried about IMBRA laws since we met online on a popular dating site and I wasn’t sure if it qualified.

When I first contacted Fred and knew he was the right choice. Not only did he answer my questions about IMBRA and had tons of clients who met on the same site Vera and I met on, but he knew exactly how to get the correct documentation for UCSIS and the petition from the site.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through the whole process without Fred. He walked us through the entire process and collated all the data and documents for us and created a petition package that was simply incredible. He answered every question I sent to him, including the ridiculous ones.

Thank you Fred for helping us get through this!


Steven and Vera (Fiancee Visa from Russia)

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2017 Fiance Visa processing Times

#VisaCoach Video on How Long does it take to process Fiance Visa in 2017

How long does it take to get a K1 Fiance visa? In 2017 most cases typically take 5 to 6 months on average from the time USCIS receives the I-129F fiance visa application until the K-1 visa is embossed onto the foreign fiancee’s passport.

Two different departments of the US government are involved. USCIS (homeland security) and the Department of State. USCIS has now tasked 5 centers around the USA to process Fiance Visas. These are located in California, Nebraska, Texas, Vermont and Missouri. In general, Homeland Security recently is getting their job done EXTREMELY fast, in only 3 to 4 months (this compares to a 5 month processing Policy standard they have set for themselves..

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Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Hello Fred,

This is to say a big big thank you for helping me and my fiance pull through the K1 so easily and successfully.

We both don’t know what we would have done without you. As a matter of fact Ghana is one of the most difficult consulate but with your front loaded petition my fiancee’s interview only lasted under 2 mins.

Before the start of the interview the consulate officer told my fiance “everything looks good” and that was a big relief for him. The Consulate officer asked my fiance only four questions and at the end of the interview, when my fiance was approved and he finally said “Thank you” to the consulate officer, the officer replied and said “no, don’t thank me, because you made my work easy and I wish everyone will do same”.

The interview was straight and short. Thank you very much for all the help and support and your prompt response to all our calls and emails. God bless you

We look forward in working with you again soon.


Rita + Kwesi (Fian

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