Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

We knew as we embarked this journey it would be hard.

When we were referenced to Fred we took immediate action in processing Cristina’s visa. He was very informative and thorough of what we needed to do, and what would help us have better success and rapidly process her visa. He prepared our petition so professionally and confidently, which gave us great comfort.

Like anything else in life, nothing great ever comes easy. This process is very taxing on the mind, on the financial demand, and sometimes the physical aspect. But with Fred’s help we were able to feel relief and confidence. Cristina and I are very pleased that we chose such a knowledgeable man to direct us in our plea. Fred made the process so clear that there was hardly room for questions. He laid it all out , so to speak, on the table, that we had a wide view of what to expect.

Some insights we would like to share now would be to be patient. Make sure always to contact Fred via email if any questions arise or to simpl

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