Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

Hello Fred Wahl, We like to thank you for all your hard work.

We are very so thankful for your help for your guidance and to help us get United it’s been a long journey we faced many tests trials and tribulations it was a very big storm that we thought that would never . It felt Like a Hurricane that blasted through then a blizzard then another hurricane at times we felt so lost we hung in there and in the end you were there to help us we are thankful that we found Visa coach

if anybody is needing help would love to send them to you Fred Wahl. We may have never met but your word is good you loyal and faithful to your work you don’t just see your clients or people as money you help Zoom you never give up on them no matter how tough the situation is.

God bless you and your family we give you many thanks to Visa coach. Again thank you for reuniting United me with my wife and son.

Andrew + Beatrice (Spouse Visa from Zambia)

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