2018 K1 Fiance or CR1 Spouse Visa which is better?

#VisaCoach Video on #Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa, K1 vs CR1? Which is faster, easier, cheaper? k118

When bringing your partner to live with you in the United States, you have two choices and they both include marriage, either apply for a K1 Fiance Visa with plans to marry after arrival in the USA, or marry first then apply for CR1 Spouse Visa. Which is better depends on your priorities for speed, cost, and employment. The Fiance visa allows you to start your life together as sooner, about 7 months faster. The spouse allows you to save $1000 in fees, allows your fiance to have wedding in home country in front of family and friends, and provides authorization to work immediately on arrival to the USA.

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