How soon after arrival on K1 visa can spouse leave USA

#VisaCoach Video on #Fiance Visa Process: How soon can spouse leave USA? k146

The K1 Fiance visa is a single entry visa. Should your fiancee leave the USA, she or he can not return unless has “adjusted status” and been granted permanent residency, or has been granted Advance Parole. Either Green card or Advance Parole card demonstrates permission for the fiance to return to the USA, if having crossed borders to leave the USA.

The fiance visa is a single-entry Visa. It allows your fiance to enter the USA one time only.
And officially your fiance is granted only a short 90 day visit. The expectation is your foreign fiance arrives, spends more time with you, sees where you live, experiences your lifestyle, meets your friends and the future in-laws and providing all goes well, marries you within 90 days of arrival.

But getting the visa, arriving to the USA, and marrying is not quite enough.

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