K1 Fiancee Immigration Mistakes: Marriage just to prove Bone Fides

#VisaCoach Video on Common Immigration Mistakes: Marriage to prove Bone Fides

To get a marriage based Visa (fiance or spouse), either you marry first, then apply, or you apply first, then marry. Marriage is expected. It is not in itself, proof that your relationship is bona fide. Instead demonstrative that the couple has spent time face to face, has corresponded, and has sincere, solid plans for a future together is needed.

I always hope that a couple reaches out to me for a free consultation before they make their final decisions and take actions that can’t be changed. This is especially important when deciding whether to marry outside the USA then apply for a spouse visa or to marry within the USA after arrival on a fiance visa. In choosing between pursuing a fiance or spouse visa there is a lot to be considered as far as speed, expense, and overall complexity that can make one path decidedly more attractive than another.

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