2016 Concurrent Filing: Spouse’s Green Card without leaving USA

#VisaCoach Video on 2016 #Concurrent Filing Adjustment of Status for Spouse of US Citizen gc10

If you meet, fall in love and marry a foreign visitor who is traveling on a temporary visa, as long as there was no intent to “game” immigration, your new spouse does not have to return to her country, instead you may sponsor her for permanent residency filing a “concurrent application”, and she need not exit the USA while it is in process.

Perhaps you have a situation similar to this.

You met a foreigner who was in the USA visiting on a temporary visa. She was traveling on a
visa waiver, tourist, work, or student visa.

She had no “intent” to remain in the USA when she applied for her visa. And she still
had no “intent” to remain in the USA as she boarded the aircraft to travel to the USA.

Maybe by accident, or serendipity,, you met, fell in love, and rushed to the altar and got married.

Well, congratulations. But now what do you do?

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