2016 Spouse Visa processing time

#VisaCoach Video on Timeline for #CR1 #SpouseVisa in 2016
As of May 2016, the answer is 9 to 13 months on average. Unless your case is processed at the Texas Service Center.

I regularly get calls from people saying those numbers must be wrong, because they found a website or person who promised a MUCH shorter processing time so whats their secret?
Well the secret is they are either telling you what “you want to hear” so they can get your money, or just referring to one step of the process, not ALL the steps from initial submission
of your petition, to visa embossed onto your spouse’s passport.

When I give time estimates I always use what is relevant to the couple, and that is starting from the day USCIS receives the petition, ending on the day your foreign spouse gets the visa.
Two different departments of the US government are involved. USCIS (homeland security) and the Department of State.

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