2016 K-1 Fiance Visa Financial Eligibility requirements

#VisaCoach Video on 2016 #K1visa financial eligibility requirements

In order to successfully petition for your fiancee to come to the USA, the US citizen sponsor must demonstrate to Immigration he or she has enough income coming in, to support future spouse, and household. The USA sponsor must have income equal to and preferably more than 100% of the poverty income level where he lives. Each year the Department of Health and Human Services publishes their Poverty Guidelines.

The new Poverty Guidelines are published at https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines and have risen about $ 90 from last year. Todays requirements to be eligible are $16,020 per couple, plus $4,160 per additional household member.
The way the financial eligibility calculation works:

The sponsor must have sufficient income or assets to indicate that he is financially able to support the Fiancée in order to prevent her from becoming a ward of the state.

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