Recent Testimonials from Visa Coach’s Immigration clients

At the very beginning we thought we have to wait for 6-7 months but it took only 2.5 . The interview went very well and CO was really friendly and i am sure when he took the petition into his hands he had already approved it in his mind even before he called us for the interview. He asked only few questions- where did you meet, where does Ben work, how many times did he visit me, also he spoke to Ben about his work. He did not look at the evidence of our relations. I’ve been talking to the CO in English and he was glad of that.

I’ve been reading a LOT of forums and only a few couples had such a good result of 2.5 months. We expected to be get the visa by June but we already have it and it is only February. We are happy and we loved working with you, you help people to create their happiness and a family!!! thank you once again Fred!!

Benjamin + Elena (Fiancee Visa) Ukraine

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