Using the K1 Fiance Visa when already married

#VisaCoach Video on Having the Wedding Before traveling on #K1 Fiance Visa

The K1 fiance visa allows a foreign born fiance to enter the USA for a 90 day visit in order to marry an American Citizen. The traveler must be unmarried not only during the application process but also when boarding the aircraft to the USA. Sometimes applicants attempt to “game” immigration by having weddings before and after the trip.

Got a phone call today from a man whose fiancee is in the Philippines. She had an idea and asked him to call and run it by me. She really wants to have her wedding in the Philippines, at her Church and in front of her family but doesn’t like the idea of waiting for a year to get a spouse visa to travel to the USA, especially when she knows that fiance visas are much faster some taking only 4 months.

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