Can you Win your Hopeless Fiance or Spouse visa Case

VisaCoach Video about cases with serious red flags even denials, are they hopeless, or winable?

There are plenty of difficult cases that have numerous RED flags, such as significant age differences, criminal histories, short relationships, adultery, too brief face-to-face meetings, previous denials, coming from a country known for visa fraud, and so on.
Even with all of this going on, CAN you still win your case?. With VisaCoach’s help I believe the answer is yes.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

It comes down to the consular officer’s intuition. Whether he believes or disbelieves the couple is “bone fide”. If he suspects a sham, that the petition has been submitted for fraudulent purposes, only to gain admission to the USA (the golden ticket) not for a genuine opportunity for couple to make a life together, he will DENY.

There is no appeal

Because his decision is based on intuition, he doesn’t need solid proof of fraud. His suspicion ALONE, is enough,

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