Fred Wahl, Matchmaker, Immigration Consultant

I’m Fred Wahl, respected Matchmaker, certified and bonded Immigration Consultant, and an expert in my field. Education is an essential part of any career, just as continued learning and a passion for others has been a major part of Fiancee Visa Services. In addition to being background-checked by both the FBI and Department of Justice for my certifications, I’m also the creator of 2006 matchmaking organization Heart of Asia with an MBA from Harvard University.

It has always been my mission to unite loving couples and ease the immigration process. I have a passion for providing personalized support and would love to transform your romance into a true family.

Immigration Consulting & You

As a certified Immigration Consultant, my aim is to ease the petition process and reunite couples fast. This means navigating the corridors of immigration, applying for Fiancee or Spousal Visas and preparing accurate paperwork every time.

Fiancee Visa Services is here to provide you and your partner with the personal support you deserve. I understand how frightening the Visa process can be and offer my undivided attention so that your experience is fast and surprise-free.

Aren’t sure what to expect? I’m also the author of a Do-it-Yourself Fiancee Visa Secrets ebook that easily guides couples through the entire process. Check it out today!

Matchmaking & You

Over the past 30 years, my matches have resulted in thousands of successful, loving relationships and marriages. In 2006, I created Heart of Asia to further promote successful matches.

It is my personal mission to bring couples together as quickly and reliably as possible. That’s why my costs are low and my availability high! I care about my couples and work hard to provide personal support and knowledgeable assistance in every area of the matchmaking process.

Let your happily-ever-after start today.

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